Frame Building School 101, Paul Brodie Bike Course      Excelsior #002 built by Paul Brodie

1888 Whippet Replica built by Paul Brodie     1911 Curtiss, 1912 Blackhawk, 1950 Vincent, 1966 Benelli, 1972 Aermacchi

eBee Home 1   Ruby 2.0 Motorcycle Rebuild by Paul Brodie


Paul Brodie: the Man behind Brodie Bikes

Paperback – October 1, 2016

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Paul Brodie Book 2016 The Man Behind Brodie Bikes

Book Back Cover


Flashback Fabrications is the brainchild of  Paul Brodie, creator and former owner of Brodie Bikes.  With over 20 years of experience and  expertise in designing and building bicycle frames, Paul sold Brodie  Bikes several years ago and started  another venture with Flashback Fabrications.  Creating bicycles like the  1888 Whippet, motorized bicycles like the 1896 Roper Steam Engine and motorcycles like the 1972 Aermacchi Ala d’Oro, Paul’s engineering  expertise, artistic vision and self-taught creativity make him an icon in his field.

In May 2005, Paul’s vision and passion to create something unavailable  anywhere else in the world was born.  Using only old board track photos, reproduction of the 1919 OHC Excelsior began with a full-scale drawing of the right side of the bike. There are no photos of the left side, so Paul used artistic license to create the correct look as the project evolved.  Dick Winger provided a set of 1919 crankcases, and fabrication of a mock-up motor began.  Paul’s first creation was finished in 2006, and he has 4 limited edition Excelsiors currently in existence.

In September 2010, Paul began teaching a hands-on bicycle frame building course at The University of Fraser Valley. Framebuilding 101 is offered several times each year, so if you have ever dreamt of designing and building your own road, track, cyclocross, MTB or any other steel hardtail frame, this 2 week course is for you.  One student, Justin, even built a variable speed unicycle.

Working with your hands is becoming a lost art, and here at Flashback Fabrications we understand and appreciate the skill and ingenuity it takes to craft a work of art by hand.  Paul hopes you enjoy walking through and learning the process of his craft.





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