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1970 Aermacchi 350 Sprint

This was the bike that started off the whole Aermacchi “thing” for me. I restored it in 1996, but the motor is original and only has  7147 miles on it. It has never been apart, to the best of my knowledge. I got it at 5000 miles. It had a black gas tank with purple flames on it.

These bikes were sold as Harley Sprints in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The engines were built extremely well, but please forgive the Italian electrics and the kickstart on the wrong side… This bike is at it’s best on a windy country road.  This Aermacchi LOVES to do 50 mph all day long, and is surprisingly comfortable. The bars are rubber mounted, and the motor sounds good, just loping along. It will go faster than 50 mph, but it gets buzzy. It also handles the turns very well, and will out-corner many other bikes. Right now it has sticky Avon tires mounted.

I installed Akront alloy rims several years ago. I think they are a nice upgrade.

It can be yours for only $5,ooo (US).

Call Paul


1970 Aermacchi 350 Spring restored by Paul Brodie


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