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About Paul Brodie


1888 Whippet bicycle by Paul Brodie for the 2012 NAHBS

1888 Whippet bicycle by Paul Brodie for the 2012 NAHBS

1888 Whippet

Whippet History

Whippet Brake Lever

Whippet Bottom Bracket

Whippet ChainRing

Whippet Crank Arms

Whippet Front Linkage

Whippet Scissor Linkage

Whippet Seat Collar

Whippet Seat Post

Whippet Full Suspension

NAHBS 2012 Awards (People’s Choice Award)

eBee the electric bicycle designed & built by Paul Brodie for the 2013 NAHBS

eBee the electric bicycle built by Paul Brodie for the 2013 NAHBS Show

eBee eBee Review eBee Review

1894 Starley Giraffe bicycle by Paul Brodie for the 2014 NAHBS

1894 Starley Giraffe bicycle by Paul Brodie for the 2014 NAHBS

1894 Starley Giraffe Review of the Starley Giraffe Review – Jaw Dropping Showstoppers

History of James & John Starley

NAHB 2015 bike built by Paul Brodie, Flashback Fabrications, Bicycle Frame Building 101

Best City Bike at the 2015 NAHBS, built by Paul Brodie

Best City Bike! Review of Paul’s City/Utility Bike

NAHBS Feature Best City Bike Review of Paul’s Tourer

2017 NAHBS Shaft Driver Cruiser build by Paul Brodie, Flashback Fabrications

Paul Brodie NAHBS 2017 – Shaft Driver Cruiser, U of Fraser Valley


CycleExif: Be Like Bevel

CycleExif:  On With The Show

Candian Cyclist: NAHBS 2017 Cycling Eye Candy


North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) History

“The first ever North American Handmade Bicycle Show was held the weekend of January 15th 2005 in the city of Houston, Texas, at the Sheraton Houston Brookhollow. There were 23 exhibitors and 700 attendees. This was a milestone event that brought together some of North America’s finest handmade bicycle frame builders. Established names such as: Richard Sachs, Darren Crisp, Craig Calfee, Don Ferris of Anvil Bicycles exhibited, as did rising stars such as Sacha White of Vanilla, Nick Crumpton and Mike DeSalvo. Many others were on hand at the event to display their craft. The mission of the 1st annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) was a simple one: Showcase the talents and share ideas among the best builders of handmade bicycle frames in the world. The show was all about handmade bicycles and the people who make them. The industry contains a wide variety of builders from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: they all make bicycle frames by hand. The event was not only intended to serve as a forum for builders to meet and share ideas, but also to showcase North America’s finest builders. The gathering provided to potential customers the opportunity to speak with a wide array of the top bicycle frame builders in North America. In addition, several of builders gave seminars about their methods and answered questions regarding their experiences in crafting a bicycle from scratch. The intention of these fun and enlightening seminars was for amateur and young professional bicycle frame builders to learn more about the craft of bicycle building so that they could reach higher levels of artistry and quality. . .”


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