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Ruby’s Having Problems – Sept. 2011

Ruby Racer is having problems, but they’re not her fault. For example,  I didn’t properly oil the rocker roller, and this is what I get. The  ones that are easy to oil (the front ones) are fine. I had to un-torque the heads to change the rockers, and I thought about changing  the head gaskets but reasoned that if I didn’t actually take off the  heads, I didn’t have to . . . BAD call!  I got two laps at Seattle before  the head gasket went.  And it was such a nice day too!

I have just figured out that I don’t have to actually remove the  entire motor to work on the top end. The engine hinges forward and down from one bolt.  All the oil lines and electrical are intact.  So much easier.

Here is the head gasket that let go.  I must take spares to the  track. Next race is Oct 1/2 at Seattle. It’s the last race of the
season. Stay tuned . . .

Ruby Racer Excelsior Motor update Ruby Racer Excelsior motor update

Ruby Racer Excelsior motor update


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