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Ruby’s Nose Job

June 1-15, 2012

This is the story of Ruby Racer’s nose job.  She just got it done and hasn’t been seen in public yet. 🙂



This is the Plug.  The Shape.  I did have some problems with the primer when I sprayed in on too thick. Buying cheap primer is not a good idea.

358 Vintage Racer "Ruby" nose plug primered

Finished Plug. I used up some 15+ year old Imron Paint called Magenta Mauve. It has been polished and waxed many times.

358 Vintage Racer plug painted and waxed

The Mold has been made around the Plug, but refuses to come out. These are the tools used to persuade. Almost a dozen wooden wedges have been driven between the Mold and the Plug.

358 Vintage Racer Mold made around the plug, tools used

When they finally separated, the plug didn’t fare so well. You can see where it stuck.

358 Vintage Racer nose plug peeled when removed from mold

Good news is the mold is OK.  Not perfect, but OK.  Here it has been trimmed, mounted, and waxed.

358 Vintage racer nose plug trimmed, mounted and waxed

Looking at Ruby’s Ass. You can just see the fairing.

358 Vintage Racer "Ruby's ass". You can just see fairing

Riders Cockpit.

358 Vintage Racer "Ruby" rider's cockpit

And now, presenting . . . Ruby Racer!

358 Vintage Racer "Ruby" pretty nose job complete

Ruby has signed up to race at Seattle this weekend (June 15-16, 2012).

358 Vintage Racer with new nose

Later, the Fairing Fish Mouth will direct cool air to the rear cylinder head. I have a trick up my sleeve.

All the best,



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