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Board Tracker Seats For Sale . . .

I met Greg Hunt at Davenport in ’07. He was looking at the seat on #001 Excelsior, and said, “I can do better than that…” I said, “You’d better write down your name and number.” So, that’s how we got together. I shipped him my molds and the stamp, and Greg did the rest. It’s as close to perfect as I, and others, have seen. He truly is an artist. Seats are $450, and you can order directly from Greg at Hunt’s Harness (follow the links to “Exclusive Leatherwork” and “Motorcycle Seats”).

Below is a photo of the board tracker seat he manufactures.

Custom boardtracker seat by Greg Hunt, Paul Brodie, Flashback Fabrications

The color is actually better than this photo

Greg Hunt

c/o Hunt’s Harness

Mayville, WI