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1919 Excelsior

Board track racing was an era never to be repeated. When motor cars had a top speed of 30 mph, these racers were literally “flying” around the board tracks, often at over 100 mph. It was noisy, dangerous, and very exciting. The public loved it, and the championship races often had 25,000 spectators cheering on their heroes.

Here is a chance to own one of the most powerful and awesome racers of its day — the 1919 OHC Excelsior. Each bike takes about one year to build, and is the culmination of all the skills I have aquired over many years of designing and building. Correct in every detail and fabricated to exacting standards, it truly is a labour of love.

Only ten of these collectibles will be built, so now is the time to contact me and place your order…

Excelsior #001 was Sold!

Excelsior #002 was Sold!

Excelsior #003 was Sold!

Excelsior #004 was Sold!

I am currently building Excelsior #005.  Contact me if you have any interest.


If you would like to witness the power of these machines, visit the National Film Preservation Archive to view a Beverly Hills 1921 Board Track vimeo.  Great historical footage!





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