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to the official Flashback Fabrications website. It has been five years since I embarked on the Excelsior project, and I have learned a lot. The 358 Vintage Road Racer project was started in August '07, and that has been a huge part of the learning process too.

My life has always alternated between bicycles and motorcycles, and now appears to be heading back into bicycles. I have a contract with UFV (University of the Fraser Valley) to teach bicycle frame building, and am setting up to do that. I have been out of the bicycle industry for a decade now, so this is new and my enthusiasm is high!

I started making things out of metal when I was 12, and never stopped. My purpose is to share this knowledge with you, and hopefully inspire you to use your hands and create, as I have done...

Everyone has a story to tell, and I hope you enjoy reading about the adventure my life has become.. Thanks for stopping by.

Paul Brodie

August '10

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