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Aermacchi Models and their Owners

As a kid I had motorcycles on the brain and dreamed of road racing, even though I couldn’t afford it.  I was fascinated to find quite a few Aermacchis in Italy, but saw even more in Greece for some reason.  They were being ridden as transportation, and some were quite dirty and in disrepair.  My camera recorded the images, and I started to like them in spite of all the weirdness.  I even thought of owning one.

In the 1990s,  I STILL had motorcycles on the brain.  And for some reason I kept on thinking about Aermacchis.  In 1995 I really got the bug and HAD to have one.  I saw them in Walnecks Cycle Trader every once in a while, so I knew there were some around.

Below are some Aermacchi models.  Click on the photos to see full-sized photos and read the owners’ stories behind these bikes. We’re also adding a little Aermacchi history for some of these models.


1957 Chimera restored by Paul Brodie

1957 Chimera

1965 Ala Verde

1965 Ala Verde

1967 250

 1967 250

1970 350 SS

1970 350SS

1972 Ala d'Oro

 1972 Ala d’Oro

Aermacchi Off-Road Special

Off-Road Special


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