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1972 Ala d’Oro

By Paul Brodie

It all started innocently enough. I’ve always been fascinated by frames, and I wanted an Aermacchi racing frame. I knew the Trev Deeley Motorcycle Museum had a 1966 250 CRTT, so I got introduced to Trev and asked if I could borrow his racer, strip it down, and make a jig so I could produce my own frame. He agreed.

I used a 66H frame, cut off the rear, and fabricated from there. My plan was just to “have the frame”, (ha ha), but when it was finished, I immediately started to assemble parts, build wheels, etc. And then I decided to go racing, which was never part of the original plan!

1972 Ala d'Oro by Paul Brodie

For 1999, the engine was stock and consisted of 1972 crankcases, with 1973 head, barrel, carb and 5-speed transmission with the close ratio conversion. I decided to concentrate on suspension, bike setup, and my riding skills. I started with stock suspension, and hubs.

First came softer rear shock springs. Next was 35mm Betor forks mated to a Honda 450 front brake with Ferodo linings.  What a difference!

Over the winter of ’99 the engine got worked on to improve performance.  A cam, head work, bigger valves, larger carb, rod and piston.  I also installed an XL175 Honda rear wheel, which saved 3.5 pounds!   With these modifications, it’s definitely a lot faster (check out my Year 2000 Racing Diary).


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