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Whippet Seat Collar

Building the seat collar was a fun job. Pretty simple, and only one day’s work. First step was to figure out dimension.

1888 Whippet Replica Seat Collar

I drew on cardboard, and made the correct amount of space for the bolt. Starting with 1″ mild steel, the drawing was transferred by scribing on layout dye.

1888 Whippet Replica Seat Collar

The rotary table really was invaluable when building the Whippet. The combination of lathe, mill, rotary table, and digital readout is REALLY quite powerful.

1888 Whippet Replica Seat Collar

OK, there were a few steps in between these two photos. After milling the radius (above), the seat collar went into the lathe, and the centre was bored out, leaving a step. Then back into the rotary table, and a 1/4″ endmill relieved the radius (top and bottom) to be used as a guide for hand filing. Next the slot, followed by the bolt hole. Radius around the bolt hole. File and shape to suit. The hard part is the blending from radius to flat; that’s where you need patience.

1888 Whippet Replica Seat Collar

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