358 Vintage Road Racer

The 358 race bike project was started in August '07, and fired up in May '09.  This was basically building a bike out of nothing. Not because I had "nothing" else to do, but because I needed a test mule for the Excelsior Board Tracker motor... where do you ride a bike that is exceedingly loud, has no brakes, clutch, or transmission? I don't know either... Plus, after checking with the local Vintage race rep, I was told my new racer would be eligible for the Formula 750 Vintage class, because the 1000cc motor was pre-'67 >

The fist job was to start gathering the vital parts. Here you can see Suzuki forks, Triumph transmission and hubs. Other parts would come from Excelsior, Aermacchi, Moto Guzzi, Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Gas Gas and Jawa >

I decided to start work on the front end. I had some 7075 billet, so that was used. I knew the geometry and fork tube spacing I wanted, and I copied the triple clamp design from my Gas Gas trials bike. Here, the holes have been bored, and one clamp roughed out on the band saw >

Checking to see how it all fits together. Fork tubes are 43mm. I have made spacers to position the front hub >

I made up a fixture to bolt the triple clamps onto a plate, then handed them over to my friend Dan who works at a CNC shop. He milled the profiles and lightening pockets to the Autocad drawing I gave him. Thanks Dan!  Also shown are the tapered roller headset bearings, and steerer tube complete with 6061 spacers and lock nuts >

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